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Posted by in Articles on March 18, 2014 .

From time to time a printer manufacturer may release firmware updates for your printer.  In some cases, the updates are designed to fix a legitimate printer problem. However, in many cases they are designed to disable 3rd party chips used on remanufactured cartridges.  If you are using remanufactured cartridges and are having no issues with your printer you may want to decline the firmware update when your computer asks you to do it.  

Before accepting any firmware or software update in general, make sure you understand what the update is fixing and if it is worth the risk of updating.  
Some drivers are configured to...

Posted by in Articles on March 18, 2014 .

Did you know that up to 20% of ink cartridges are thrown away before they are empty?  If you have not used your cartridge for some time as could be the case with your color cartridge, it may become clogged or dry and fail to print properly.  Just because the cartridge is printing with streaks or missing colors does not mean that it is empty.  Bring it by our store for a free evaluation and cleaning.  

Frequently we can restore your print cartridge to it's full printing capacity without you having to buy a new cartridge. We offer this free service as a thanks to the Pasadena and surrounding communities for making Cartridge Word their...

Posted by in Articles on March 18, 2014 .

If you are using a laser printer you may notice that the printer does some whirling before and after every printed document.  If you are printing a single page the printer goes through a start-up cycle, prints the page, and then goes through the slow-down cycle.  The additional time and turning incurred during the start-up and slow-down cycles can greatly wear out the components inside your toner cartridge causing to lighter printing and increases the likelihood of developing defects.  While no printing is occurring, the components in your printer and cartridge spin just as if something was being printed.  In addition, toner continues to...